Monday, March 12, 2012


YEAH BUDDY! First things first--Hunter is now CASE MANAGER of a certain organization that shall not be named.


He's definitely big timing now.  I am ever so proud of him, and he is really super excited about this job.  He's such a smart fellow and he will pick it up in no time.

I'm still in school.  Yuck.  But I am looking really hard for a job close to his, and preferably around the same hours and days as his.  Meh, I can't be picky.

So Mr. Smith now has me playing Kingdom Hearts. Ever heard of such? Let's just say I'm still not a gamer.
More to come later on that story.

So that's my update for now. Hopefully myself and Mr. Smith can get back to ya pronto.

Later gators,

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hey strangers.
Ok so it has been quite a while since we have conjured up a post about ANYTHING. So I'm just here to tell the whole audience of 1 or 2 people (oyyy, embarrassing) that we are both still alive and nobody kidnapped us. Here is an update.


Hunter interviewed for a totally kick-tail job in Jackson recently and is waiting for that magical phone call telling him to get his booty back up there, and start this new gig.  
EXCITEMENT! I couldn't be more proud of that man.

I, on the other hand, am still a few months away from a real "big girl" job.  Graduating in May seems so so so long away, but it WILL happen. IT MUST HAPPEN.  Right now I am super swamped with school/precepting/horrible times/you name it. 


Hunter and myself will be celebrating our 1 & 1/2 year anniversary on Wednesday. That's right, the day after Valentine's day. Unfortunately I have school on that day--double gag. But I'm super excited we have made it this far, and I hope to make it many more years with him. 

Enough with the sweet talk. Hunter should be getting back here soon for an update on Dark Souls or Red Dead Redemption or whatever else is keeping him busy. He taught me how to play both games, by the way. Let's just say video games aren't my strong point. Lawwwwwl. 

Welp, back to the books.

Later gators,

Friday, January 13, 2012


Hey kids,
Today I had to make the sad decision to hold off on making anymore scarves and headbands. 

Sad face.
Upsetting, but I had to pick between fun crafty craftness or nursing school.  Unfortunately, nursing school FTW.  Boo.  BUT, this doesn't mean I won't be making pretty things in the future.  It just simply means that I am no longer taking orders at this time. 

Later gators.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Ok, folks. Our HOME page is now built. Since things have been under construction (and still are), I'll be adding new pages to sort out what the girls want to read and what the guys want to read. And also, for what everyone wants to read! Hunter and I make a pretty good team, so hopefully you will get some hardy har hars out of this blog, and also some useless info. As I already posted, I am in nursing school and Hunter is looking for jobs, so we may not update every single day. But we plan to post as much as we possibly can! Please come back and read and comment and piddle paddle whenever you remember to! We want to keep this thing going! 'Preciate ya!

Later, gators...


Hi, I'm Hunter Smith, and I like to play video games and go on dates with Jodie.  I just graduated from the universities, and now I'm looking for a job.  I'm gonna use this to talk about things and stuff.  

Video games I'm currently playing: 

My blog posts won't be very structured. If you want structure, you can go look at a bridge.

Love, Hunter Smith

Hunter, here.

HELLO, and now that that's out of the way, hi. And, furthermore, how ya doin'? Well, ok, I just wanted to say hey, and uh...I'll see ya later! K, bye!

Guess who...
Love, Hunter


Yes! My most awesome boyfriend, Hunter Smith, decided he is joining me in this blog. Sweet! He's hysterical. You'll love him and everything that goes through his mind. Enjoy!

Later, gators.
Would ya just look at him?