My good buddy Adam and I often talk about how we would handle video game and movie situations IRL (In Real Life).  Like what would you do if it were really you and not Movie Action Man.  The example we usually use is Silent Hill but I am going to go with a game Jodie got me for Christmas. 

This game is perfect for this discussion.  When you talk about this subject; you need to stick with a game that has a non super hero protagonist.  None of your Kratos, Master Chief, Solid Snake characters.  You need a character that may not be you but doesn't have capabilities outside of a human.

Behold The Blank Slate!

This is you and your super powers are: you have a sword, you have a shield, and you can cast a spell (you pretty much have a gun).  This game doesn't tell you what to do, but it does tell you where you can go.  Your options are to go up or down. 

Down looks scary.

So I went up. This is where you meet man's perfect starting opponent. 

The Shambling Zombies

Zombies are an enemy that every person believes they could actually handle.  They are human but they are slow and not quite as sharp.  This game doesn't just give them to you though. Yes they are slow but if you derp around, you will get your head cut off.  They will sneak up on you and overwhelm you but, you have one thing going for you.  When they kill you, you come back to life.  You are set back into a previous spot that you had to rest.  So you may die again and again,

And again...

but when you do, you get to come back better informed.  This time I know he is going to sneak up and kill me so I will take him out first.  If this were the situation that I, Hunter Smith, was in; then yes I, Hunter Smith, could eventually get through it.  All you need is persistence.  You get more exposed to things you consider terrifying so it becomes less and less scary.

So you progress up the tower and, you are no longer impressed by these lowly zombies.  You have put your sword through so many that it just seems normal now.  The game has taught you the confidence that you needed to get this far.  You progress through the barricade of bumbling undead soldiers then out onto a high castle wall.  You have forgotten fear, ready to take on whatever zombie might be in your way next.

Then this literally falls out of the sky,

Taurus Demon
and you remember how to be scared again.

Now remember, you are not Superman.  You are just (Insert Name Here).  So what do you do?  Well while you were contemplating that, the Taurus Demon just knocked you across the battlefield.  You have exactly as much time to make up your mind as you would if you were really there.  Dark Souls has no pause because DARK SOULS DOESN'T HOLD YOUR HAND!!! So after I got back onto my feet I looked at this monstrosity.  Right when I was ready to just lay down, I saw behind him, a ladder on a high wall.  Then I realized that for this thing to kill me, it is going to have to hit me.  So I do the thing it doesn't expect.  I run right at him.  As it swings, I run through the beast's legs.  I make a dead sprint  to the ladder while he is rapidly pursuing.  Then I look down and realize this is what I was supposed to do.  There he is, looking right up at me.  I take a deep breath and jump off, plunging my sword right into his face.  He screams then falls backwards dissolving into whatever demons dissolve into.

Behold Hunter Smith! Demon Slayer!  I run forward knowing nothing can possibly stand in my way now.  I have faced the giant and managed to walk away.  Then I start to notice that the bridge is scorched all around me.  Then I turn around just in time to be burnt to a crisp.


This is a typical experience in Dark Souls.  This game is not for those who give up easily because you are going to lose again and again.  This game is about making you feel human and yet still making you feel like you can take on the creatures of the night.

I highly recommend playing this game if you are looking for a unique gaming experience.

Hunter Smith

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